Garden Escapes is the market leader in the provision of outdoor fitness and sports areas for all age groups. We have worked with councils, schools and sports clubs across the country, providing a range of facilities that help people to become more active including outdoor gyms and Multi-Use Games Areas. The following sections provide information on the various types of equipment and facilities and we can offer.


Garden Escapes has been providing outdoor gyms since early 2012 using equipment designed and manufactured by The Great Outdoor Gym Company – TGOGC for short. TGOGC produce the best quality equipment on the market that has proven user benefits and has exceeded all current safety standards. The range of equipment offers strength, tone and cardio type activities suited to all ranges of ability. We’ve been helping to get people more active by installing this distinctive black and lime green equipment in schools, parks and sports clubs all over the country so you are sure to have come across it!

Pro Fit Gym

Through working closely with the strength & conditioning coaching staff at Ulster Rugby, we have developed a range of our own body weight-based fitness equipment. Designed as a cost-effective, flexible training tool for clubs and schools, the Pro Fit range includes static items such as Pull Up Bars, Dips Bars, Horizontal Ladders and Push Up Bars, all engineered to be extremely robust and maintenance-free.

Synthetic Pitches

Multi Use Games Areas or MUGAs are enclosed areas for ball games and are designed to cater for a number of sports such as soccer, basketball and tennis. The facility is usually enclosed with a specially designed fencing system to keep the ball and users in one area. Combination goal ends are normally placed at each end that suit the intended sports. Depending on the sports and available budget, a number of playing surfaces can be used such as bitmac, polymeric rubber and artificial grass (3G). MUGAs are a great asset to any school or community and provide a welcome activity for older children and adults.